Understanding how Amazon performance works

I was angry nearly every day when dealing with Amazon. The poor quality of the work of Amazon logistics is almost unknown. Anyway, so far customers order via this platform rather than ordering directly to the retailer, we must try to make the best deal out of chaos.

Amazon tried to convince me to give my products in their hands for shipping purposes; they would process this via the service FBA and promised that my life would be much easier.

I must agree that, in cases (about 70%) where the logistic works, they did it perfectly. Amazon makes the shipment much more efficient than I (and my team).

However, the handling with my fine arts and bone China, is quite a disgrace. They swap items from boxes, porcelain mugs become to puzzle or dust and art figures are reworked to rubble.

Therefore, if you want to order something from Amazon, avoid to order fine bone China or high-quality art figures. After six months of experience with the logistics of Amazon, I can’t give to this service a positive feedback. Even more annoying is the fact that if customers leave bad reviews due the received broken items, these reviews go to the dealer profile instead to the Amazon profile. Months later, Amazon will call you and argue about your sloppy work. Isn’t it cute?

In that way, Amazon gives a brushing in their statistics. Actually, I just know this kind of attitude from Mafia bookkeepers, but this is another story.

Be aware of Amazon. They do everything possible to hurt your business, like they did with many dealers here in Germany.

One more thing: Some traders purchase from the competition and give bad reviews and send the item back. With this threat they can step up in the performance statistic and be placed in your Buy Box. So such burglars manipulate the Amazon system. You should not support this.

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